Our Personal Health Success Story using ULTIMATE Carbon60

ULTIMATE Carbon60 Increases your health and longevity.

My partner and I both grew up on farms. Dewayne was raised in Saskatchewan. As a young boy, he would spend cold winter days breaking ice on the water supply for the cattle and horses with his dad. With determined focus, he helped a young horse get use to a bit, bridle, and saddle, then worked till sundown on that magnificent creature, along with his faithful dog Chip, before bringing the cattle home.

I grew up on a rainbow trout farm in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Raising fish from eggs to full-grown trout was a huge part of my life. I remember being shocked to learn that not everyone had 100,000 trout in their back yards. Endless summer days were spent swimming in the ponds, building forts in the forest, and running with our dogs alongside the creeks.

On the wide expansive big sky of the prairie or in the misty mountains of the valley, we both experienced our fair share of injuries while working on the farm. And what Canadians don’t play hockey? Over the years we both experienced the effects of pain and stiffness on our once supple joints.

When we first heard the success stories about Carbon60, backed by scientific evidence, we couldn’t believe it. But after experiencing our own success with ULTIMATE Carbon60 drastically reducing our pain, we became believers – we were both even able to return to a regular exercise program (we happen to love Zumba).

"It was undeniable that there was more to this Carbon60 molecule."

Eventually, Dewayne even began to experience feeling to an area of his leg that had suffered nerve damage several years prior due to the formation of scar tissues after surgery. We were convinced. We then introduced Carbon60 to a few of our friends. After hearing the stories of arthritic joints hurting drastically less, improved sleep, and unexpected clarity in thinking, we knew what we wanted to do: create a way to share this amazing product so that others could benefit as we did.

Carbon60 has helped us rediscover the simple joys in life by helping to reduce our pain. And if it helps us to live longer, happier, and healthier then we can look forward to continuing to make new memories and enjoy all the things that really matter, like our family and beautiful grandchildren.

Our deepest and sincere wishes to you all for a vibrant life.