After taking  ULTIMATE Carbon60 for two months my DIABETIC NEUROPATHIC FOOT PAIN IS GONE!

No more excruciating  Botox injection into my feet! My leg spasms at night  are much less and I am thinking clearer.

I can hardly believe it.

Goldie - 61 years

I feel I found the fountain of youth! I thought that having a sore neck and feet was my new normal. But with ULTIMATE Carbon60 I have no more soreness.!

Jennifer - 57 years

I am sleeping better and am less stressed.

Debbie - 56 years

After an injury years ago, I had stiffness and constant nagging pain in my neck. I’ve been on ULTIMATE Carbon60 now for 2 months and the pain in my neck is pretty much gone and I have more movement, this stuff really works!

Steve - 72 years

I had a triple by pass heart surgery in 2014 and they harvested a vein from my left leg to use the surgery.

The incision site and the skin around it has been numb ever since the 2014.

After approximately 25 days on ULTIMATE Carbon60 the feeling started to come back in that skin around the incision.

I kept thinking that a bug had climbed up my pant leg , there was something kind of tingly and felt very strange.

I could hardly believe that after 6 years of numbness, my nerve is rejuvenating.

Also, I feel that I am sleeping better. I’m extremely impressed with this product and motivated to help other people have great benefits to enhance their health and their life.

With ULTIMATE Carbon60, I will be able to crawl on the floor building Lego castles with my awesome grandchildren and walking in the Coulees in Saskatchewan for years to come.

Murrey - 65 years

I have been through two major car accidents in the past 28 years with major lingering injuries. There were 14 surgeries needed to reconstruct the bones of my face and the fractured teeth from the impact. My neurologist is Dr. Don Cameron, Chief of Neurology at Lions Gate Hospital. His diagnosis was Springal hydra myloloa (Not sure how to spell this) – a condition where when the lining of the spinal cord tears on impact and walls itself off into a water cyst.  I thought I would have to live with the symptoms of weakness, numbness, pain in my legs and weak bladder, issues from the cystic pressure on my spinal cord, for the rest of my life.

To my astonishment, taking ULTIMATE Carbon60 resoved my bladder issues, my legs have gained strength, I have no longer experience numbness or pain. I know I have to be careful and with the advisement from my neurologist, Dr. Cameron, I hope to maintain the mobility and use of my legs for many years to come.

Also, I am sleeping better and my mind is more clear. With ULTIMATE Carbon60 I no longer have to write myself notes to remember what I went to the basement for.  I’m also find my mood is happier.  It’s like the worry and the melancholy have been lifted. I truly feel I have a fresh new start with life and I’m so very grateful for ULTIMATE Carbon60.

Marie - 55 years